What Is Glogg?

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Glogg Holiday

Glogg is a type of mulled wine that is very popular in Scandinavian countries. Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are three of the countries where glogg is most popular and a big part of holiday celebrations.

Glogg has been around at least since the 17th century (and probably before) and is derived from the German term “gluhwein”. It is particularly popular in Europe but is enjoyed all over the world. Numerous Swedish communities in the United States have carried on the tradition of glogg and the drink is particularly popular during the Christmas season.

Recipes for glogg vary widely, usually dependant on the country of origin. For the most part, glogg is considered a mulled or spiced wine but it’s not uncommon for other types of liquor to substitute for wine.

In general, glogg is made with red wine, cinnamon sticks, cardamon pods, cloves, fine sugar, and some type of fruit or fruit rind, typically oranges.

Common Questions and Answers About Glogg

One of the most common glogg making questions we get is, “What type of wine should I use?”. We recommend your “base” wine be a simple red table wine. Anything you can buy in a jug or gallon container in a grocery store is just fine. Look for a wine labeled “red table wine” and you’ll be fine.

Some recipes call for different types of wine to be used in addition to the red table wine. Port wine is a common example, as is burgundy wine. The common denominator is these wines are a bit on the sweet side. Shy away from dry red table wines if you can. A batch of glogg made using dry red table wine won’t taste bad, but you’ll find a slightly sweeter wine meshes well with all the fruit and spices …

Half the fun of glogg is experimenting with new recipes, which is the inspiration for GloggRecipes.com and our e-book, “Make Glogg, Not War: The Definitive Guide To Glogg “, which you can purchase by clicking the link on the top of this page. Depending upon one’s heritage or personal tastes, different ingredients, particularly liquor, can be used. Some of these include vodka, brandy, and various types of wine as noted above.

We’re not here to judge what’s right or wrong with various recipes. We’re more interested in sharing them with you (and tasting them ourselves!). Glogg is a social beverage, meant to be enjoyed with good friends and loved ones. We hope this site inspires you to do just that.

Glogg isn’t hard to make, but it does take a few hours minimum to create a good batch. Since it is a spiced based drink, it’s important to allow sufficient time to let the spices meld. Each recipe we share here and in our upcoming book will have that in common.


A Glogg Party!

Glogg is typically served with raisins and blanched almonds. Both of these are sometimes included within the drink itself and then strained out prior to serving.

Glogg is meant to be served warm, but don’t let that rule of thumb box you in. You can enjoy glogg chilled and served over crushed ice during the summer months too!

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