Styles Of Glogg

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You might think glogg and chili are opposite ends of the food and drink spectrum.

In most ways, they are.

Yet they do have something in common. There are as many twists and turns on glogg recipes as there are chili recipes.

Glogg Winter Warmer

Depending on who is making the glogg (and where), the ingredients can vary widely. Just as New Mexico chili differs from, say, Midwestern style chili, glogg recipes offer as many permutations.

In Sweden, most time honored recipes call for aquavit, a Swedish distilled spirit that is often flavored with caraway seeds. You can buy aquavit at most large liquor stores …

American versions often use straight brandy, but even brandy is a more-or-less rotating ingredient. In southern states, you might find bourbon in a glogg recipe. Irish whiskey might also be used, along with various styles of wine.

We actually like to use a bit of dark rum in some of our glogg recipes. You can use any type of dark rum you like, including spiced rum, but our preference is Cruzan Dark Rum. This rum, the pride of the U.S. Virgin Islands, counts early Danish settlers among its many influences, so there’s a natural tie in with the history of glogg …

In terms of what type of liquor you choose to add, it really depends on your personal taste. Our e-book, “Make Glogg, Not War: The Definitive Guide To Glogg”, offers a variety of interesting twists and turns on glogg and glogg recipes.

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