Make A Batch Of Glogg

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Bill and Jim Making A New Batch

Recently, Bill and I were interviewed by our local newspaper, The Naperville Sun, as we brewed up a batch of glogg.

Notice the big stainless steel pot on the stove. That’s the kind you want to make a batch of glogg because you’ll give all the spices and ingredients room to blend together.

Be sure to have a few empty wine bottles with screw tops on hand so you can bottle your batch. Of course, you can drink some, just as we did after completing this batch, but you’ll want to save some for later too …

A good funnel is handy as well. That makes it a lot easier to ladle the mixture into the bottle. Just be sure to strain out whatever you don’t want bottled, like stray pieces of spice like cinnamon sticks and others.

Glogg IngredientsBy the way, making this batch took us about 90 minutes from start to finish. Most of the time is just letting the batch simmer on low heat, as our recipes on this site and in our e-book indicate. Actual preparation time is about 15 minutes, and then simmering the batch for an hour or slightly longer …

Along the way, we sampled glogg from an earlier effort. You can store glogg in a cool dark place for at least a year … the spices will continue to meld and give the mixture a little added character.

Normally we like to let our glogg sit overnight before drinking it, but this batch smelled so enticing we just had to have a few sips. Cheers!

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