Glogg In The Summer?

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Glogg has always been considered a winter drink, and more specifically, a Christmas time drink. And while that’s when most glogg is made and consumed, glogg is by no means just a cold weather beverage …

Warm Weather Glogg?

Did you know that you can bottle and store your glogg? We always make extra and keep a few bottles on hand. Just store them in a cool dry place like a basement wine rack or some other cool dark spot. Glogg, when bottled, will actually improve for about six months. The various spices will impart a richer and deeper character to the batch, so by all means make a bit extra!

For the past few years, we’ve served our bottled glogg in the summer. Here are two ideas for warm weather glogg:

Glogg Slushies

We actually got this idea from Chicago’s Mid Sommersfest, held each June in the Swedish heritage community of Andersonville on the north side. Simon’s Tavern was serving glogg slushies, which are incredibly easy to make …

All you need to do is pour your bottled glogg into a blender and add a few handfulls of ice. Power up the blender and once it’s slushy, it’s ready to drink! We like to add some fresh fruit to the mix too. Plums, apricots, prunes, and even strawberries add a nice touch and fresh, distinctive taste.

Glogg Ice Cream

This was a BIG hit at a recent neighborhood gathering. To keep it simple, just serve a good vanilla ice cream in a small dish and pour a shot or two of bottled glogg over the top. The various spices meld perfectly with the ice cream and it’s a cool and fresh treat …

Another thing we’ve done is something we call “Glogg In A Blender”. The steps are pretty easy, and you can adapt them to your own taste … here’s what we did:

Step One: Have a bottle of glogg ready to go on stand by (Hint: Make a few extra batches in winter and save a few for summer party concoctions. Remember, glogg stays perfectly fresh for about a year or more when stored in a cool, dry place).

Step Two: To serve four, take 1/2 gallon of vanilla ice cream and place in a blender along with a few hand fulls of ice cubes. You can use crushed ice if you want, but a blender will do the job …

Step Three: Pour in two cups of glogg from your bottle into the blender.

Step Four: We liked to add a teaspoon of cinnamon to the mixture because it goes well with the ice cream …

Step Five: Crank up the blender until the ice is thoroughly crushed and the mixture is smooth …

Step Six: Serve and enjoy! You’ll be amazed how good it is!

So don’t pigeonhole glogg into just the winter months. Summer is glogg season too!

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