Glogg, Raisins, and Cheescake

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Glogg, The Drunken Raisins, and Cheescake …

While it might sound like the opening line of a slightly risque joke, it’s really just a great idea for what to do with drunken raisins.

Drunken raisins, of course, are what you get after they’ve been steeping in your latest batch of glogg.

Sure, you can eat them after you strain them out, but Bill likes to set them aside in a ziplock bag and add them atop a slice of cheesecake.

A perfectly marvelous idea!

What To Serve With Glogg

One of the traditional snacks to serve with glogg is lemon cookies, also known as lemon snaps. Really, anything lemon based is a good snack to go along with a glass of glogg. A lemony sweet dessert contrasts perfectly with the spices in glogg.

Cheesecake, as noted above, is also an excellent choice. So is carrot cake, as well as ginger snaps. In many European areas, small pastries are served with glogg at traditional winter gatherings …

These holiday gatherings are also known as glogg parties. Truth be told, any occasion where glogg is served automatically becomes a party in our book!

We’ve morphed the definition of a glogg party into a glogg making party. It’s an enjoyable experience to make (and sip) glogg with good friends. Sort of an adult science experiment if you will!

Bottom line, you can serve anything you want with glogg, but we’ve found something a little sweet hits the spot. We’ll be experimenting with glogg cupcakes later this year, and we’ll be sure to tell you how they turn out!

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