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Hello Fellow Gloggsters,

No fancy sales letter here … (Sorry if you were expecting one!)

We’re Jim Hofman and Bill McCartney, co-authors of the only ebook in existence about glogg, the legendary spiced wine beverage …

We had a blast putting this book together and we think you’ll like it too … it has 25 unique recipes that’ll take you step-by-step to making a batch of glogg as well as recipes for a few really tasty winter warmers. Each recipe is a little different, and you can bet that half the fun is figuring out which recipe you like the best!

You’ll also get the complete history of glogg … its origins … how it got its name … and some fun trivia and anecdotes that’ll make you the life of the party (as if being the person who makes the glogg isn’t enough!)

If you’re a fan of specialty drinks, you’ll love “Make Glogg, Not War: The Definitive Guide To Glogg”. We’ve got glogg recipes made with a bit of vodka, recipes made with different wines, and even a recipe or two made with rum. Each and every recipe passed our strict quality standards, which means we made and tasted every one (and a few more that didn’t make the book).

So how much for this literary Gospel of Glogg? Just $8.95. We decided on that price when we stopped at Simon’s Tavern, a legendary Swedish heritage bar on Chicago’s north side. It’s a great place (they make their own glogg), so stop by when you’re in Chicago. Anyway, we ordered two mugs of glogg … the bill was $9 … so we figured it was close enough. No, we’re not marketing experts in case you were wondering!

Buy your copy here for just $8.95 …

We hope you’ll enjoy “Make Glogg, Not War: The Definitive Guide To Glogg” as much as we did putting it together. We think you will, in fact we guarantee you will. Buy it and if you don’t think it’s worth your $8.95, just notify us here through this site within 3 days and you’ll get your money back, no questions asked. We might roll our eyes at you though (just kidding!).

But anyways, go ahead and click the big “Add To Cart” button below and you’ll be taken directly to our secure payment vendor, You can then instantly download the ebook to your computer (and even print it out if you wish).

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Jim Hofman and Bill McCartney, Co-Authors and Drinking Buddies

PS – Whether you decide to buy or not, thanks so much for visiting We appreciate it and we hope you enjoy making a batch or two of glogg, and sharing it with people you care about …

Here’s our picture so you know we’re real guys:

Bill is on the left, Jim is on the right. That’s Jim’s wife in between us (we had to class the picture up a little bit) …

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