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Thanks for visiting the web’s only website exclusively dedicated to glogg! Join us as we explore the history of glogg, little known glogg facts, and of course, a great glogg recipe or two …

What Exactly Is Glogg?

If you’re of Swedish or Danish heritage, you probably know about glogg, and maybe even sampled a family recipe or two …

Glogg can be a lot of different things, since there are so many varied recipes for this unique beverage (think: martinis). And just like a martini, there are signature recipes, secret recipes and ingredients, and a whole lot of tradition behind the drink itself.

Glogg Recipe

Glogg is actually a spiced wine beverage, but unlike wine, it’s rare that you can go to a liquor store and buy a bottle of glogg. And that’s where GloggRecipes.com comes in! That’s because glogg is a beverage that is meant to be made batch by batch, preferably with a group of good friends and family. A highly social beverage, glogg is best enjoyed in a warm and festive environment …

The Story Behind Glogg

Glogg dates back many centuries. History dates glogg back to the 1500’s, when it became popular in Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The term “glogg” is an offshoot of the German term “gluhwein”, which translated means “spiced wine”.

Traditionally, glogg is served as part of Christmas celebrations, although as you explore this site you’ll see it’s more than just a Yuletide beverage. It’s often been described as a “winter warmer”, something to warm your insides on a cold winter’s night and add a little glow to your life …

To this day, glogg is still a part of holiday festivities in countries like Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, and others. Here in the United States, it is especially popular (but not limited to) in Swedish heritage communities. And yet, anyone can enjoy glogg, and they often do! It transcends cultural boundaries and resonates with anyone who appreciates a great drink …

What’s In Glogg?

As you explore some of the recipes in the menu to your right, you’ll discover the varied ingredients that go into a batch of glogg. Our new ebook, “Make Glogg, Not War: The Definitive Guide To Glogg”, offers a wide array of unique recipes so you can easily make a batch or two at home.

But the short answer to the question “What’s in glogg?” is this … most recipes start with a bottle of red wine … something on the sweet side and not too expensive because you’ll be mixing other ingredients with it. Then, spices like cinammon and cloves and cardamom enter the mix, along with dried fruit like raisins, apricots, prunes, or peaches. Sometimes a bit of hard liquor is added, like a cup of vodka or rum. The fruit, wine, and spices blend wonderfully together and the end result is a batch of glogg you’ll be proud to share with family and friends!

Our Ebook, “Make Glogg, Not War: The Definitive Guide To Glogg

Glogg Recipe E-Book

Glogg Recipes

Although you’ll find a few recipes for glogg scattered across the internet, never before have time tested recipes been combined in one resource until the recent release of our book. Researched and written by two drinking buddies from Naperville, IL – JIm Hofman and Bill McCartney – it’s the only book ever written exclusively about glogg and is the definitive guide to this unique spiced wine beverage …

Needless to say, countless hours of field research went into writing the book (translated: we made a lot of batches of glogg), and all recipes were required to pass our strict editing standards (which means we made and tasted every single one!). If you get the impression we had a lot of fun putting the book together … we did! Glogg shouldn’t be a secret. Everyone should know about glogg and experience the enjoyment of creating a batch (and drinking it of course!). We hope GloggRecipes.com and “Make Glogg, Not War: The Definitive Guide To Glogg” does exactly that …

We’d like to thank you again for visiting GloggRecipes.com. This site is a labor of love and we hope you enjoy exploring it!


Jim Hofman and Bill McCartney

PS. – Grab your very own copy of our exclusive e-book, “Make Glogg, Not War: The Definitive Guide To Glogg”, available right here:

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